Billie Eilish: This is the HOUSE of the famous singer


Billie Eilish: This is the HOUSE of the famous singer. The famous singer previously asked that her house be removed from Google Maps but here we show you what her home is like.

Billie Eilish is one of the most famous singers of the moment and desla verpite all her success, she continues to live in the house where she grew up with her entire family.

Not everything has changed in the life of Billie Eilish, we will tell you about the house where she has lived all her life and where she creates her songs.

Thanks to her talent, hard work, and unique personality, Billie Eilish is now a music star who owns much more than popularity, her music has been awarded by experts and recognition for this artist continues.

Despite the success, the Therefore I Am performer continues to live in her parents’ house and enjoy their company.

According to information we have in Somagnews, Billie Eilish’s fortune already exceeds 8 million dollars despite the fact that she has not been in the music industry for a long time and, although her life changed drastically when she became a singer in a professional, she stays true to her roots.

What is Billie Eilish’s house like?

Billie Eilish grew up in a house located in Highland Park, Los Angeles. This house has about 110 square meters and was bought by her parents for 240 thousand dollars in 2001 according to the records of this property.

Over time, this territory increased in value, but with Billie Eilish’s rise to fame and the history she has created there, it is now estimated to be worth $ 763 billion.

Among the rooms in the house only 2 are rooms and each one was assigned to Finneas and Billie when they left their childhood behind. That is why these boys have revealed that their parents started sleeping in the living room so that they could have their own space.

Finneas’ room was turned into a recording studio, allowing the experience of recording music to become very personal and at the same time, it was a method through which they showed the vulnerability embodied in their songs.

The famous singer was always surrounded by music and, proof of this is that her house has 3 pianos and more musical instruments. The entire family lived in this home until the end of 2019, when Finneas acquired a new property.

Billie Eilish’s brother now lives in another $ 2.73 million house in Los Angeles, and while the singer does not formally live with her, she has been spending time there while working on her next album.

We recently also told you about some fashion rules that Billie Eilish dared to challenge by imposing her style.


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