Billie Eilish surprises with loose clothing and a small top


Billie Eilish surprised her fans with a new look where she revealed much of her beauty.

On several occasions, Billie Eilish has spoken of her love for baggy clothes, however, this time the singer put aside her fear of showing her body and showed part of her beauty.

And the fact is that the singer has accustomed us since we met her to wear extremely loose clothing, which does not reveal much of her forms, but sometimes she makes some concessions.

As on this occasion, when years ago she sang with her faithful brother, Finneas O’Connel, in the Up next, in which she looked a little different from what she always wears.

Billie Eilish surprises with tiny top

It is a set of top with wide sports pants and a matching pink jacket, but that revealed a little what she always tries to hide: her majestic body!

Recently, Billie Eilish was caught red-handed without the typical baggy clothes she always wears and it caused a revolution to discover how she looks without so much fabric on top.

Today Taylor Swift is one of the most awarded, awarded, and recognized singers in the world, filling important stadiums around the planet because her talent for singing and composing has empathized with a large audience.

However, the beginnings of this famous were very different, being a smaller artist, with a love for country music, and supported, sheltered, by other artists already established at the time, such as the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus.

In that sense, 12 years ago the singer released her second studio album Fearless, which has already consolidated her even more as the artist she is today as it includes songs like Love Story, White Horse, and You belong with me.

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As we have informed you in Somagnews, on several occasions Billie Eilish has explained that her look and style of clothing is because she wants to, and that whenever she wants, she not only changes it but is even capable of running out of a garment in front of everyone .

Billie Eilish has also explained that her intention is to be judged on her vocal talent, and not on her appearance.


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