Billie Eilish: How does the singer protect herself from her stalkers?


Behind his meteoric career, Billie Eilish also faces his share of problems. Including the assaults of certain stalkers …

Billie Eilish continues to seduce his audience. To pique the curiosity of stalkers paved with bad intentions. How does the star cope with these attacks?

Billie Eilish is rather popular. Adored by his fans, the star managed to climb to the Billboard at just 18 years old.

However, some people sometimes interfere with his privacy. To the point where the star has to face harassers rather malicious.

In particular a fan, who is not cold at times and who stalks our star. Billie Eilish must therefore face a fada who went to his door 7 times!

What give a blue fear to the very young artist, who still lives with her parents. In any case, it pushed her to work hard …

His brother Finneas has launched a manhunt to track down a thief. So he put his “2.4 million subscribers to good use”!

“This handsome guy stole a bunch of parcels on my porch in L.A”, says the star’s brother … There are so many malicious people who prowl around their property.

She and his family therefore took the lead to challenge him to start again … Him, or any stalker who was.

How does Billie Eilish protect herself from the fanatics who roam her private life? Find out in our next lines.

Earlier, the TMZ media reported that a certain Rousseau was harassing our poor Billie Eilish. The 24-year-old boy appeared before the O’Connel property.

Asked if this was the star’s home, her father initially denied it. But he didn’t stop there.

“While we were waiting for security, Mr. Rousseau was still on the porch, sitting and starting to read a book,” said the woman to TMZ. “My father repeatedly told him to leave, but he refused,” she said.

What nerve ! And the most disheartening of all, of course, is the police response …

Even if the madman went to her house 7 times, she was only able to stop her twice! The last straw, for the star, who has to deal with stalkers at the time of confinement.

For good reason: this intrusion is considered “non-violent”. In addition, the authorities limit arrests as much as possible.

Yes, the Covid-19 is spreading at great speed in penitentiary institutions. Witness 6ix9ine, released from prison earlier than expected so as not to catch the virus.

Especially since 30,000 detainees have contracted the virus this month in the United States, as Le Figaro reports. Billie Eilish had to scare his stalker otherwise …

It is out of the question that Billie Eilish does not allow himself to be reached by this stalker! The police can’t help it? Never mind.

The star therefore appealed to higher authorities. Namely, the judge in Los Angeles, to obtain a removal order.

It’s done, Billie Eilish can now brandish his precious sesame in front of the man, already apprehended by the police. From now on, he will have to move more than 200 meters from the Queen of Billboard.

But also members of his family, whom he knows more or less. After all, the man was in contact with the father of the “Bad Guy” singer.

The man will also be summoned on June 1 for a hearing. What scare this stalker who saw fit to attack her with impunity!

Especially since Billie Eilish has no choice but to stay at home. Confined, she even had to cancel her world tour, which must already upset her.

That said, she could also find time to be alone. Because the star loves loneliness, which makes her productive!

“I like to be alone,” the radio star Beats 1 recently said. “I like how people can take advantage of this time to grow up.”

So she would like to do it safely, and dissuade people from coming to jeopardize her loneliness. And above all, achieve privacy and that of his family.

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As they say, there is no smoke without fire. And to block his stalkers, the star has implemented a very simple but nevertheless effective means.

Indeed, the star with sparkling green roots asked Google to blur his house on Google Street View. A way to prevent the possible assault of another of his fans just as obsessed as Rousseau, or even worse …

The 18-year-old singer follows the lineage of all these stars who have been there. Namely Lily Allen or Paul McCartney, who blurred their homes on research tools.

Thus, this will prevent some clever people from Googling the O’Connel house. Especially since the house of the young star is rather modest, compared to the fortune she has amassed as a singer.

So she wanted to make it less accessible to the impote who, like a Prenell Rousseau. When you want to look for your home, you will come across the following message:

“The location of this card has been removed for privacy reasons.” And it’s not worse like that!

Besides, this measure is not the prerogative of stars like Billie Eilish. “If a person believes that their face or a license plate needs to be hidden, or an entire house, a car […] we have developed […] cutting-edge technology […],” said Google at Sun about it.

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