Billie Eilish shows Tik Tok what her skin looks like


Billie Eilish showed her face too closely in a video and fans couldn’t help but notice what the singer’s skin looks like.

Billie Eilish has never been afraid to show herself more real – from sharing her hair disasters with the world to showing the real pain behind her acrylic nails (not to mention occasionally revealing real nails too).

Following the release of the new “Therefore I Am” music video (which features a fairly powerful middle finger for criticism of her body), Billie took to TikTok to share more (hilarious) information about the real person behind the badass music and the public statements.

Simply put, it seems like one of the tricks Billie knows how to do is her ability to fit the tip of a ukulele into her mouth (don’t question, you just have to watch the video). She recently posted it on TikTok, with laughing tears visible on her face, saying:

“Do you remember when I was 15 years old and I put a ukulele head in my mouth? Let’s see if I can do it again? I highly doubt it, but I’ll try.”

She then proceeds to fit the entire head of the ukulele into her mouth and laugh out loud, and it’s a joyous moment for everyone.

Billie Eilish looks naturally radiant

But eagle-eyed fans also noted that Billie Eilish’s natural skin texture was on display as she had ditched the filters and dark lights she often uses in her Instagram stories, too distracted by the fun of the. video that he decided to share with his more than 4 million followers.

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While it’s totally up to Billie if she opts for filters in her videos, I think we can all agree that it’s great to see real skin (including pores!) On display, a reminder that they all have some kind of texture.

Also, extra congratulations on the angle you chose to shoot most of the video. The fans of the “Bad Guy” singer praised the artist for showing off her natural face, and many say that the young woman looks spectacular. Do you like how Billie looks in her video?


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