Billie Eilish shows up with a provocative t-shirt to answer her haters!


To provoke his haters, Billie Eilish appears with a very special T-shirt. She sends them a message that may displease them!

To go out, Billie Eilish wears her mask to fight the covid-19 and a very special t-shirt. It’s a provocation to his haters!

The provocation ? This is his thing! At just 18 years old, Billie Eilish does not hesitate to shake up the codes. Yes, she likes what is disturbing!

While Finneas O’Connell’s sister still wears loose-fitting clothes so as not to let her skin be seen, the young woman turns wild.

The reason ? The little protege of singer Justin Bieber wants to send a very special message to her haters. So, she dares a very special black t-shirt with a funny design!

Indeed, Billie Eilish wears two women in bikini on both sides of his t-shirt. So where is the problem? In reality, you have to go back a few months.

One day, the “Bad Guy” singer posted a photo of her in a bikini in Hawaii. So his body was barely visible! But for his haters, this type of content does not pass at all!

So, it is very rare to see Billie Eilish with few clothes. Indeed, the young woman does not want to attract attention to her body.

So, she only wants to attract attention for her voice, her musical style but also her dress. The less you see your skin, the better!

However, her haters only dream of one thing: to undress her. Yes, they can not stand to see her hide permanently!

So Billie Eilish seems to provoke them again with this t-shirt. Failing to appear naked, the latter carries naked women.

Another detail does not go unnoticed. On the street, the performer of “When The Party’s Over” also wears a mask with a black mandala motif so as not to catch the coronavirus.


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