Billie Eilish shows her impressive figure in pantyhose


Billie Eilish sports an impressive figure but rarely shows a little of her anatomy and this time she was surprised by posing with little clothing.

Billie Eilish surprised all her fans with this photo in which she is seen showing her legs, something that does not happen very often, but is worth seeing.

The 18-year-old artist has positioned herself as one of the best singers in the pop genre, and critics consider her almost a prodigy, since her first super hit, “Ocean Eyes”, was recorded when she was only 13 years old and is of his authorship.

Additionally, Billie Eilish has been the only woman to win 5 Grammy Award statuettes in one night, setting a benchmark that will be hard to beat.

On this occasion, Billie Eilish has shown, as she rarely does, her legs almost completely, by posing in this way before the cameras.

Against a wall of red bricks, we see a Billie Eilish with only a wide yellow sweater and fishnet pantyhose that reveal what she usually hides under layers and layers of loose clothing.

Billie Eilish self-conscious about her figure?

In a past interview, the singer had said that she is an insecure person with her body since as a child she was called “fat” because she was a girl of rapid physical development, for her age, so now that she is world famous she has preferred not to show it.

And is that Billie Eilish is a revelation and has managed to achieve at such a young age what many artists take years to achieve

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