Billie Eilish shares the secret message of her green hair


The singer explained that her iconic look goes beyond fashion and has a special meaning about her well-being. Billie Eilish has had to face health problems, but through her hair she showed the evolution she had by improving during a stage of her life.

On several occasions we have heard the interpreter of Therefore I Am talk about the challenges and difficulties that she has faced throughout her life and several of them involve her mental health , however, she has received help and can now deal with them more easily. Billie explained how this improvement is reflected in her hair .

Billie Eilish revealed that while she was part of a dance team she began to suffer from body dysmorphia, followed by depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disorders and Tourette Syndrome. Although initially she preferred not to talk about these issues, she realized that it was a reality that helped her create a stronger bond with her fans by showing herself as she is, but also by helping others who face similar situations.

The look with roots dyed green accompanied her in one of the most important stages of her career so far, the singer is recognized for her unusual style and hair is undoubtedly an important part of it. The girl has been getting some bad comments and teases for this distinctive look and decided to reveal how important it is to her and her health .


The singer took to her Instagram account to ask that they stop teasing her about her hair and making fun of her look . The girl did it with the best attitude and even joking that she wouldn’t release an album if the comments didn’t stop.

It’s called no more depressed, please be happy for me


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Throughout her career, the girl has worn different hair colors that make her look fantastic, but she revealed that among all her looks this one remained by her side for a long season, which Billie considers as a sign of mental stability of the that she is proud.

Even so, she said that she will change her style when the end of this era for her musical career approaches, so she could surprise us with a change of look very soon.


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