Billie Eilish shares how Therefore I Am video was shot


Therefore I Am is Billie Eilish’s new music hit, the singer prepared a fun music video for its release and now reveals how this clip was recorded.

Billie Eilish fans had been waiting for a new song by the girl for a long time, the wait came to an end with the premiere of T.I.A, a tune that already has its own music video. If you want to know what adventures the singer had during the recordings, keep reading and know the details.

Billie Eilish shared a photo with her adorable dog at the location where the Therefore I Am video was shot. According to this girl, the filming took place in an empty mall around 4 in the morning, she and her team had fun during the process.


Billie Eilish’s post on Instagram was also accompanied by some clips of what happened while filming. The first video shows us the singer moving through the corridors while doing some jumps and the cameraman follows her with a cell phone. The staff moved from one side to the other using a golf cart, so the videos also showed a bit of those trips inside the mall.

It wasn’t all work during filming, as the Bad Guy singer enjoyed some tunes while showing her dance steps in front of the camera, revealing that the ‘try not to dance’ challenge is not one of her strengths.

For this music video, Billie Eilish wore long pearl nails with black lettering, which she flaunted by placing her hands on one of the mannequins that were nearby during her dance session.

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