Billie Eilish says goodbye to 2020 with her Pitbull dog


The singer enjoys spending time with her dog and the end of the year was no exception.

Famous singer Billie Eilish introduced her Pitbull puppy and showed how much fun they had in the snow for the first time.

The charming little dog fell in love with the landscape as she looked very attentively at the place where she was with her famous owner.

Billie Eilish shows off photos with her dog

To end the year, Billie and Shark went hiking in the snowy mountains, and even the car ride made him want to jump out the window and build snow angels in the winter wonderland that surrounded them.

“My little pittie shark and her first time in the snow [sic],” Billie wrote in an Instagram post on December 31, sharing photos from their icy adventure.

It seems that Shark’s short coat wasn’t exactly ideal for cold weather, but she and the famous singer quickly solved that problem by hugging on top of the mountain.

This also gave Shark a better view of the panoramic view, and the expression on her little face was definitely appreciative.

“You’re an amazing mother dog,” we imagine she was thinking at the time.