Billie Eilish Reveals Her Fight Against Depression


The singer Billie Eilish has suffered a series of ups and downs since she became an icon of the music industry.

The singer has spoken about the way in which fame changed her life, leading her even to have thought about suicide , the artist has deepened on this subject because she now understands the relevance of these feelings in a person’s life. According to Billie, becoming the center of attention can be difficult for a person to manage , even affecting their stability and mental health.

Before becoming a recognized celebrity around the world, Billie was a person who saw the media and artists with a look from the outside, so she could share the way her perspective has evolved .

The artist remembers the famous breaking point that Britney Spears suffered, even taking her to cut her hair in a way that might have seemed extreme. She mentions that as fans, all you can do is question what is wrong with people who have those kinds of starts, from the outside you think they have everything and that it is silly to ruin it that way. However, as time goes by and the more aware it is of the difficult times she has lived, the more she manages to understand it .

Despite understanding the way in which the environment can border it on such a crisis, the interpreter of ‘Bad Guy’ is happy to say that she is in a better position now that she has taken care of her mental health.

When people ask me what I would say to someone seeking mental health advice, all I can say is patience. I had patience with myself. I did not take that last step. Wait. Things fade away.

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The artist has previously shared with the media the way in which her mother saved her life by taking her to receive professional help and working on the reduction of her agenda, a moment that would be key for her to continue working under a better lifestyle .


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