Billie Eilish received advice on how to cope with the “pressure” of fame from THIS Spice Girls member


Billy Eilish has been in the news for a long time. The 20-year-old singer usually appears in the news because of her new releases or cute posts about her daily life on social networks. However, in the last few months she has been in the news due to rumors about her affair with Jesse Rutherford, who is 11 years older than her. She was severely trolled for this.

But recently it turned out that one day she received advice from an elderly and very famous singer on how to cope with the pressure of fame. The best part is that she is a Spice Girl. This is none other than “Sporty Spice” by Melanie S.

What did Billie Eilish advise Melanie?

Spice Girls have been a great source of inspiration for millions of girls. And not just girls; this band and its members have influenced millions of people with their songs and words. One of the former participants, Melanie C, openly told how her struggle with her problems was compounded by her worldwide popularity. She does this in the hope of encouraging others. However, she doesn’t know how many people were affected by her words, but she knows one person who certainly followed her advice: Billy Ailish.

The 48-year-old singer told Music Week, “I was talking to Billy [Eilish] about the pressure.” She further added that she usually avoids talking to young artists about her experience because she thinks they will tell her, “Shut up, Grandma.” But in the case of Billy, Mel C was happy that the Bad Guy singer openly talked about her problems with her, and also followed her advice.

Sporty Spice also believes that what will change the industry is that young artists like Billy will talk about similar things. She is glad that the industry is changing for the better today, as some record companies and management teams take the emotional and physical health of their musicians more seriously. Melanie says that in the 90s, when she was at the peak of her career, this did not exist.

Today, in order to focus on their mental or physical health, several musicians cancel performances. In her time, it was completely impossible.

She is pleased with these positive changes in the industry and believes that everything will get better over time.

What do you think about Eilish heeding Spice Girl’s advice? Comment on your opinion below.


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