Billie Eilish: Quitting dancing got me depressed


Grammy-winning young singer Billie Eilish said that when she was 13, she was dragged into depression because she had to quit dancing.

Billie Eilish, who drew attention with her success in the music charts and the awards she received, said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that the incident that drove her to depression took place 5 years ago.

“I FEELED I deserve painfully”

The young singer stated that having to stop dancing when she was 13 drove her to depression. Eilish said, “I think the depression started in hip hop class when I had to quit dancing after I broke my hip cartilage. He sent me into the void. I went through the self-harming phase. “The essence of it was that I felt I deserved the pain,” he said.


Eilish said that the next few years were dark for him after his injury, and he was afraid of being alone at that time. When the 18-year-old singer said, “My friend,“ I’m going home, see you ”, I felt like a knife was stuck in my stomach. “I didn’t feel confident when I was alone.”

Saying that the therapy sessions work, the young singer said, “I can’t cry anywhere. I can’t shout and go crazy. I have to work ”he said.

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