Billie Eilish protested today in Los Angeles #BlackLivesMatter


On Twitter, a fan released a photo of Billie Eilish who appeared to be demonstrating today for the #BlackLivesMatter!

On social networks, Billie Eilish is mobilizing to support the #BlackLivesMatter. She also demonstrated today in Los Angeles to fight racism.

This Sunday, June 7, Internet user Pop Crave also posted a photo on his Twitter account. We can see Billie Eilish in the front row of the demonstration. And waving a sign. On the latter, she wrote: “Stop killing black people”

To be translated as “Stop killing black people”. But that’s not all. On his Instagram account, Billie Eilish also very often speaks about the #BlackLivesMatter.

Billie Eilish also wrote on Instagram: “The blackout on Tuesday was supposed to take us back. And this in relation to promotion. And instead use your voice to amplify the message that systemic inequality will no longer be tolerated in this country !!! ”

Billie Eilish also added, “Don’t post a black square and the silence … we can’t be silent. Not today. Not another day. We are here to say unequivocally that black life counts ”.


Billish Eilish continued, “And I want to use the Web. I must help take meaningful action that will create meaningful change! Here is a list to which you can donate! ”

The young woman said, “To which I donated today. I will try to donate to as many organizations as possible in the coming weeks and more! And I encourage you to give everything you can to them. ”

She also revealed, “And to others in your communities who are fighting racial injustice. And social every day… Even when hashtags stop. I hope you used today to speak. ”

Finally, she also concluded: “Make a donation, protest, educate yourself, listen, learn. And also call your elected officials to demand CHANGE IN THIS COUNTRY. Will share resources over the next few days. And I ask everyone to take action with me. “


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