Billie Eilish: she mobilizes and launches a great operation for UNICEF!


To entertain her fans, Billie Eilish sells coloring pictures of him. All funds will be donated to Unicef, the organization that protects and promotes the rights of children.

What is more important than mutual aid? Solidarity ? And generosity? In this period of confinement because of the Covid-19, the inhabitants must stick together!

Besides, this is what Taylor Swift keeps repeating. The 30-year-old singer asks her virtual community to mobilize. Better yet, make donations to organizations.

“The World Health Organization and Feeding America are some of the organizations that I donate to. If you can, join me and make a donation during this crisis. ”

But that’s not all ! The young woman also helps her fans, directly affected by the Coronavirus. So the artist paid $ 3,000 to one of them. She has her hand on her heart!

Thus, she is not the only artist to make a beautiful gesture to fight against the coronavirus. Billie Eilish is also keen to help Unicef, the organization that protects and defends the rights of children.

So Billie Eilish does not forget the children in this time of health crisis. So she has an idea. The young woman offers the digital version of her coloring book. Yes, she has her hand on her heart!

But that’s not all ! The 18-year-old artist wants to help Unicef. So, Billie Eilish asks her fans to donate a sum, no matter the amount, when they want to color one of her drawings.

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“A digital version of the Billie Eilish coloring book is available now in Billie’s official store. You can choose your own price with all the profits @UN UNICEF. ”

In any case, her fans are really touched by her gesture! And they make him understand in the comments. “It’s so cute”, “You are amazing Billie OMG”, “We love you too much !!! “Write the Internet users.

Besides, the latter rejoice even more. With her coloring book, fans will be able to kill boredom during this confinement period. They thank her very much!


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