Billie Eilish may have gone to therapy because of her love for Justin Bieber


Her parents were concerned about her obsession with Justin’s music. Billie Eilish may have gone to therapy because of her fondness for Justin Bieber.

The Grammy-winning singer continues her new project “Me & Dad,” an Apple Music radio show where she and her father share music stories, but also about Billie’s behavior during her teens.

“Me & Dad” has brought Billie and her fans closer during this quarantine period. During their most recent broadcast, they had a guest with their mother, Maggie, who confessed that they once cared about her daughter’s love for Justin Bieber .

Fanaticism towards a celeb can inspire you to follow the same dreams, support them 100 percent in all their activities, even reveal if there is any time difference when they make a launch, Bieber was the figure that conquered the heart of the singer.

As revealed by her own parents, both considered the idea of ​​sending her to therapy , because at that time Billie was very focused on Justin and his song “As Long As You Love Me”.

Billie felt a little embarrassed by that confession; However, her fanaticism was something that helped her fulfill her dream in music, she even managed to meet him in 2018.

During the Coachella Festival, the celebs met on one of the stages, she refused to meet him, as she wanted to focus on her performance. The star of “Yummy” has also shown the same affection for her, in an interview with Apple, the singer admitted that he wanted to protect her , because like him, his career started at a young age, something that has wreaked havoc on his health mental.

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Although she never went to therapy for Bieber, the celeb has struggled with anxiety and body dysmorphia, she was honest about the problems she had long ago, due to fame and self-esteem.

Billie Eilish has also met other great artists, even a couple of months ago she was rumored about her collaboration with Rosalía, she also said that although there are no plans, something with BTS was not ruled out on their part.


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