Billie Eilish makes her way as a candidate to act on Mean Girls


The screenwriter of the film mentioned Billie as one of the celebrities she would like to see in the story.

Singer Billie Eilish received a very special motivation to experiment with acting as a new facet of her career and would have a guaranteed role in Mean Girls.

Screenwriter Tina Fey had an interview with Capital FM where she revealed some details of the new adaptation they plan to create based on the Mean Girls musical . The story has trapped a large number of people through the different versions in which the narrative has been appreciated, but now that a new film is on the way, the ideas for the cast began to emerge.

Initially the screenwriter said that she would like to open the castings to discover new stars, however, everything changed when two great figures of entertainment came to her mind and one of them was Billie Eilish .


Tina Fey pointed out that there are two girls who could take on two of the main roles in the film, as in her opinion they would be ideal for the roles, however, they still need to accept the offer.

If Billie Eilish agrees to play Janis and Zendaya agrees to play Cady, let’s do it!


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