Billie Eilish less trendy than Louis Armstrong during quarantine?


Bad news for singer Billie Eilish! During quarantine, the Americans listened to her songs less and less! The quarantine was not frankly beneficial for Billie Eilish … Or at least her music! Indeed, its titles are less and less listened to in the United States …

Music lovers turned more to jazz and classical music during this quarantine! Indeed, they literally put electronic music aside at the same time as the evenings with friends!

Thus, according to a survey by the music recommendation engine TasteDive, the titles of singer Billie Eilish are down 11% ! Conversely, interest in jazz trumpeter Louis Armstong has increased by almost 19%!

A real failure for the singer Billie Eilish who until then was constantly increasing! It should be said that unlike Drake, Justin Bieber, or Ariana Grande … The young woman did not leave anything during quarantine!

Interviewed by Fast Company site , Alex Elias, CEO. De TasteDive explained the reason why music lovers were less directed towards Billie’s discography!

Indeed, for her, people want to travel more to another time than ours in this period of quarantine! ” During this quarantine, I think the deepest impact could be the emotional impact and all the introspection that ensues. ” she explained thus.

And add. “People aspire to be transported at different times. ” Reason why they do not turn less to the songs of Billie Eilish … And more Louis Armstrong!

“People want content that is not disposable, ” notes the CEO . “Seeing genres brought up, like the wave of classical music, testifies to this. ” Explains Alex Elias in this way … So that’s not likely to make Billie’s fat puffs.


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