Billie Eilish is the victim of a stalker who threatens her with death


The singer had to go to court to stop the harassment of which she is a victim, since she has received dangerous letters that threaten her safety.

Billie Eilish is harassed by a man who threatened her with death, the singer filed a lawsuit and asked for protection after receiving several letters that endanger her safety.

The Florida native has spent much of 2020 and these months at home due to the pandemic, but she has also prepared her next projects such as her new album, her own documentary and her possible line of perfumes for next fall; however, it is not all good news for her.

According to the TZM portal , Billie Eilish has been the victim of the man identified as John Hearle, who also shows you harassing behavior , has also sent her messages with death threats and has been prowling around the singer’s residence, so she decided to go to court.

It is not the first time that the integrity of the star of “Bad Guy” is in danger, last year he also had to resort to these legal measures against Prenell Rousseau , who slept in the singer’s patio and visited her frequently without taking preventive measures to avoid contagions since the quarantine began in 2020.


The first reports reveal that John Hearle resides in a makeshift camp in a school that is close to where Billie Eilish lives , in addition to being a stalker, his behavior is dangerous and rude against the singer, he signals her, says malicious things and sends you very revealing letters.

Billie decided to sue and obtained a restraining order that forces the defendant to stay 180 meters away from her, the disturbing messages that the celeb has received say things like:

“You can’t always get what you want, unless you want to die for me.”

The 23-year-old has also assured her that she will die, which has caused emotional damage to the singer, who does not feel safe in her own home and fears for her family. Apparently, the man cannot be detained by the police unless he violates the restraining order or physically harms him. Fans are concerned for Billie Eilish, but hope this measure is sufficient for her safety.

In addition to protecting herself and defending her ideals, Billie Eilish has become an inspiration and support for her fans, the singer encourages the creativity of her followers.