Billie Eilish introduces Shark, her new love


The singer shared a photo next to the adorable Shark.

Billie Eilish remains in social isolation in the face of the coronavirus crisis, although the singer only participated in the iHeartRadio concert, she prefers to take the time to rest and disconnect from the outside world.

Although she also takes time to give love to those around her and that is why she met someone very special who will keep her company these days. We tell you the details.

Through her Instagram account , Billie posted a photo next to Shark, someone very special who has come into her life in these difficult times. The celeb’s new best friend is a cute little pit bull.

Apparently, Billie would have adopted her from a shelter and wanted to share with her fans the new tenant of her family. After admitting that she misses her friends, but prefers to respect quarantine, Billie decided to find the best company in the world: a puppy.

We don’t know if her real name is “Shark” , but she captioned the photo with a shark emoji, so fans speculated that was the name she gave it. What is your pet’s name ?

The adoption of Billie may serve as an example given the actions that some people have taken to abandon their pets due to the fear that domestic animals are supposed to infect the coronavirus, which is totally false.


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