Billie Eilish interviews the online concert crew


Billie Eilish becomes a reporter for a day by introducing her entire production team during a behind-the-scenes look at her online concert

When Billie Eilish is not on stage, where does she go? Backstage with her team, whom she introduces and interviews in a new behind-the-scenes video released last Tuesday, October 27.

In the latest episode of Backstage With Crew Nation, Billie Eilish steps away from the spotlight while rehearsing for her Where Do We Go? Concert. The Livestream, which took place on Saturday night, showed stagehands helping run the show from start to finish.

“They are literally like my family,” says Billie Eilish as she walks with her newest addition to that family, her adopted pit bull Shark, and continues to introduce her concert team online, which we reveal all the details about in Somagnews.

“Look, most of these people that I’ve been working with since I was very young. It’s very, very important that I think you guys know that people are losing their jobs. Obviously, COVID has been a real struggle, and especially my team, [they] haven’t had enough opportunities because we can’t do shows. So it’s really important that we do this. ”

Billie Eilish introduces her entire team!

Most of her team members have been working with the “bad guy” singer since she was 15 or 16, including her tour manager, Brian Marquis, room engineer Drew Thornton and drummer, Andrew Marshall.

When she asked her father, Patrick O’Connell, what she does as part of her team, she replied, “I am a handyman,” which means “a person who has many diverse activities or responsibilities,” according to the official definition.

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The Grammy-winning artist designed two pieces of merchandise to benefit Crew Nation, a global relief fund for live music teams, which are available for purchase here.

Backstage With Crew Nation is a new video series highlighting artists’ relationships with their touring crews and how they work together to deliver the perfect concert.


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