Billie Eilish: how much money do you make?


Billie Eilish has built an empire with her musical proposal, the Bad Guy singer received a considerable amount of money for the reproduction of songs and her videos.

The American singer is one of the most popular female celebrities, at the young age she managed to make a big name in the competitive and difficult international music industry.

Billie Eilish rose to fame with the single ‘Ocen Eyes’, she revealed that her dance teacher asked her to perform a song for the performance of her group and her brother was hers who supported him with the production. The theme quickly gained strength on musical platforms and its melancholic style fell in love with users of several generations.

The Grammy winner conquered the apps with her different and energetic proposal, just to name one example, Billie Eilish accumulated more than 37 million subscribers on YouTube, the video of ‘Bad Guy’ exceeded one billion views.

Billie Eilish also has a huge presence on other social networks such as Spotify, but how much does she earn from reproductions of her music online? We will tell you all the details below.


Some portals estimated that Billie Eilish received from YouTube between 8,868 and 142,661 dollars for the more than 31 million visits to her videos per month, her annual income was valued at 10,7889 dollars, amassing more than 1,879,505 dollars since joining the platform .

Finneas O’Connell’s sister also has a very followed profile on Spotify, her song with the most views is ‘Bad Guy’, it was estimated that the stream of this song alone received more than 1 million dollars, which means that it generated $ 3,455 per day.

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On the same platform, the song ‘when the party’s over’ registered 238 million reproductions and had earnings of 800 thousand dollars a month, approximately 16 million Mexican pesos. Wow!


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