Billie Eilish has fun in Therefore I Am


American singer Billie Eilish releases the music video for ‘Therefore I Am’, the song is a combination of powerful and energetic sounds, while the lyrics send an incredible message.

The artists of the world have been hit by the new social dynamics, 2020 is a year that surprised humanity, but also an opportunity to reinvent themselves and find new ways to communicate.

Billie Eilish remains creative and together with her brother Finneas O’Connell they continue to compose great hits that in the future will be positioned in the best places on the music charts, such is the case of ‘Therefore I Am’, their most recent song.

The single ‘Therefore I Am’ is an energetic mix of sounds reminiscent of rap and playing with tonalities that are characteristic of the young GRAMMY award winner’s musical style.

Through her YouTube channel, Billie Eilish premiered the music video for ‘Therefore I Am’, a clip that she directed and that was shot in a very interesting location. We tell you all the details below.


The video for ‘Therefore I Am’ begins by following in the footsteps of Billie Eilish, the camera follows the star to some escalators and it is when the spectator realizes that the singer will take them on an adventure inside a shopping center.

Billie Eilish sings, jumps, spins and dances through all the corridors of the place, playing with some takes and directing her voice towards the camera. The most recent clip of Billie Eilish has her iconic moments, like when she walks into a food establishment and has a pretzel.

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An excerpt from the lyrics of ‘Therefore I Am’ reads:

I’m not your friend or anything, you think you’re the man, I think, therefore I exist

‘Therefore I Am’ could portray Billie Eilish’s deepest thoughts on the criticism she constantly receives or negative comments, another part of the track says:

Don’t talk about me like you know how I feel, top of the world, but your world is not real, your world is an ideal

The clip of Billie Eilish so far has more than 280 thousand visits, the fans of the writer are showing their love in the comments area and on all social networks.

Billie Eilish follows the motto of ‘the more original the better’ and is an artist who does not follow fashion trends, we invite you to enjoy: Billie Eilish, 7 fashion rules that has broken with her style.


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