Billie Eilish had a great talent for dance


In addition to music, Billie Eilish has a unique and special talent for dance. On the internet some performance clips and dance rehearsals circulated of her before she was a famous youth star.

Billie Eilish’s biggest dream was to become a brand new dancer who would conquer the world’s stages with her dance steps and energetic performances, but fate had other professional plans for the singer.

Unfortunately, the ‘ Bad Guy ‘ singer suffered from a serious bone injury in the ankle, this event took her away from her beloved dance rehearsals with her academy colleagues for many years.

Before becoming a famous music star’s sister Finneas O’Connell spent long hours of physical training to give the best of herself in the practice room with her study of dance .

For a long time, various videos of Billie Eilish began to circulate on social networks and Internet platforms in her time as a student of interpretive and contemporary dance, two artistic branches that the singer-songwriter dominated.


The dances of Billie Eilish consisted of two modes, as a team, they were choreographies that should be prepared with several students and each had an important role in the staging and solos where the singer of ‘No Time To Die ‘towards her individual show.

Billie Eilish had great elasticity throughout her body, her movements were powerful, energetic and marked, these characteristics allowed her to explore different dance genres and styles such as jazz, modern, on fabrics and Hip Hop.

The singer’s talent was so unique that on different occasions she combined her steps and choreography with different techniques, for example, one occasion featured an aerial dance with fabrics and the intro was interpretive.

Despite the fact that Billie Eilish put her goal aside, in performances as a singer she shows herself as an artist who can dance with a good rhythm and with excellent body expressiveness.