Billie Eilish goes completely psychedelic in her latest selfie!


Singer Billie Eilish drove her fans crazy after sharing a seductive selfie on Instagram.

Billie Eilish is like some kind of alien who uses mind control to enslave humanity with her music … Okay, none of that is true, but it’s safe to say that the “Bad Guy” singer has captivated the music industry with his mysterious photos and his body image.

As a social media influencer, few can boast of the kind of following or commercial success she has at such a young age. Her ability to attract media attention with a selfie is a testament to the hype surrounding this pop icon.

Billie Eilish tends to leave her fan base wanting more. This was the case for her when she posted a glimpse of her Halloween costume of hers, and it’s the case for pretty much any of her selfies.

The desire for context or clarity in Billie Eilish’s posts is one reason many millions follow her online. (Besides the fact that her music is dominating the music charts.)

Her latest Instagram post of her is no exception to her online trends of hers, and she shows her looking mysteriously seductive as she basks in the bright green light that floods her image, making her hair look dark. she glow like neon.

Billie Eilish took advantage of the quarantine to make music

Although the blockages during 2020 have definitely been negative for many people, there have been some advantages to spending more time at home. In fact, Billie Eilish shared that staying home so much gave them an incentive to be proactive in her basement by making music.

“We are where we have been making music lately, which is my brother’s basement that has been turned into a studio. So we spend most of our time here. After this, we’ll probably do some music too, “the singer told NPR.


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