Billie Eilish flying kick to her brother at a concert


Billie Eilish was extremely excited on stage and almost hit her own brother Finneas during a concert.

There is no doubt that the American singer Billie Eilish is quite a character. From her colorful hair to her impressive long nails, as we have already told you in Somagnews, the young artist has managed to break all possible records.

At just 18 years old, Billie Eilish swept virtually every Grammy Award, taking home 5 statuettes in one night, a feat that no other woman has done before in the history of the awards.

Billie has sold millions of copies of her first album, which she recorded in her bathroom with the help of her brother Finneas. However, when it comes to live performances, for Billie there are no limits! She gives her all to entertain the audience.

Billie Eilish adores her brother Finneas

The love that Billie Eilish has for her brother Finneas O’Connel and he for her, is something that all his followers have in mind. But there are occasions that accidents can happen, especially when she gets excited onstage.

According to a video shared through her Instagram account, it can be seen that Billie was so moved by one of her songs that she started dancing like crazy, spinning around and making use of her flexibility, she decided to become the ninja.

It was then that her brother, who played the guitar to accompany the song, had to back up to avoid being hit by her own sister. According to information published by the Mui Today portal.

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Users created some Billie Eilish memes

But the occasion was not wasted on social networks and, as you can see in this publication, Billie was made some funniest photomontages like Kun Fu Panda and in a classic video game.

Billie’s way of dancing is as unique as she is: From jumps, kicks, turns and even bending in an unnatural way, they show that the American singer is a true diva on stage.


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