Billie Eilish, Eminem’s one of the worst childhood traumas


Billie Eilish left her fans speechless by revealing that one of her worst traumas was caused by Eminem, whom she has always terrified of.

We all know that Billie Eilish has had to deal with mental disorders throughout her life, because she herself confessed that she suffered from depression and that it took too much for her to overcome it, so now she is dedicated to helping both her friends and her fans.

Also, overcoming her traumas has made her more courageous and she is not even afraid to talk about them in public, although some impact more than others, as she revealed that the famous rapper Eminem has always terrified her and caused her a lot of trauma.

Nobody expected the controversial confession of Billie Eilish but it definitely generated a huge wave of questions and unknowns regarding the reasons why she is terrified of the rapper.

Billie Eilish reveals she’s afraid of Eminem

The famous ‘Therefore I Am’ interpreter revealed several shocking facts about her personal life a few months ago during an interview on The Noisey Questionnaire of Life with Vice, something she had almost never done in front of the media.

One of the revelations that caused the most impact was when they asked her about her favorite artists and gave her 3 options, Drake, Eminem or Childish Gambino, and Billie Eilish’s answer left more than one speechless.

In less than a second the singer chose Childish Gambino, and confessed that she has never been a fan of Eminem, since he gave him one of the worst traumas of her childhood and has been terrified of him all her life.

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Why does Eminem terrify Billie Eilish?

According to what we found out in Somagnews, Eminem could have been quite intimidating for the young 18-year-old singer, as the rapper’s style of music was always quite aggressive and not suitable for all audiences.

On the other hand, Billie Eilish revealed that she chose Childish Gambino because she considers him a kind of god, as she even said that he was the one who created her and she can’t even be listed with other people.


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