Billie Eilish doesn’t want to be like other quarantined celebrities


The singer’s habits for this quarantine involve a break from social networks.

The singer has stayed indoors during this season to take care of her health and the people around her, however, she shared that she does not occupy her time in the same way that other famous people do.

We have all witnessed how a large number of music groups, actors and celebrities have tried to keep in touch with their followers through their social networks, responding to comments, posting photos, making live broadcasts and some have even shared their phone numbers. to establish a more personal communication.

But for Billie Eilish this is not so easy, she has seen the way these personalities have been presenting themselves on different platforms and social networks, but she considers that she probably could not do the same because she is using her time in a different way.

The girl explained that since she was very young she has had a very busy schedule, so she really values ​​this free time that she currently enjoys . Although she recognizes that she misses her friends and that she cannot wait to see them again, it is more important for her to enjoy this pause and later to meet the people she misses.

How do you live quarantine? Perhaps you identify with Billie and require time to rest and disconnect from the world, but it seems that most have sought the means to try to stay in touch with the outside world.


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