Billie Eilish Dazzles On The Red Carpet Of The Oscars Awards 2020


The singer made history once again at just 18 years.

Billie Eilish continues to demonstrate that dreams and success have no age. The singer, winner of 4 GRAMMYs, will make her first presentation at the Oscars 2020 Awards , the ultimate film festival. She continues to add achievements to her career and is so young.

Billie wore a white suit that highlighted her colorful neon green hair and dazzled her way through the red carpet, demonstrating why she is one of the strongest youth celebs in the industry. Without a doubt, it is not only an icon of music, but also of fashion.

Billie is very close to the cinema, because she will be in charge of singing the theme of the next movie of “James Bond”, one of the most famous sagas of cinema.

Fans shared their excitement in their social networks for their presence on the red carpet and expect it to make history with their first performance at the Oscars 2020 Awards.


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