Billie Eilish criticizes influencers for partying


Billie Eilish showed her discontent on Instagram after several influencers went out partying during the pandemic.

The 18-year-old singer said on her Instagram story that it was “funny” that so many people partied during the pandemic, while she has been adhering to strict social distancing measures. Billie Eilish’s expression made it clear that she didn’t find it funny in the least.

“It’s funny how I haven’t hugged my best friends in six months, and you guys are here to party. Funny,” she said with a filter that made her mouth look huge. Walking away she revealed her expressionless face and her utter lack of fun in the face of the vast hordes of influencers that continue to date.

The singer may well have had stars like Tana Mongeau and Charli D’Amelio in mind, who have been spending time at parties held at influencers’ homes. Jake Paul hosted a party at his mansion from July 10-14, where dozens of influential people attended.

A week later, 67 influencers entered the Hype House for a tiktoker’s birthday, where they hugged and ignored social distancing measures. “Warning: Many influencers have been confirmed to test positive for COVID-19 after the party,” YouTuber Elijah Daniel tweeted.

Billie Eilish and her successful criticism of influencers

Satirical youtuber and news reporter Def Noodles also tweeted several messages from anonymous sources in early August, who claimed that members of Sway House and Hype House had tested positive for COVID-19, and continued to party and meet friends anyway.

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Some influencers, including Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson, have posted stories on Instagram of them receiving tests for COVID-19. Charli D’Amelio recently told her fans that she was getting tested regularly. Without a doubt, the “My Future” singer had reason to be angry.


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