Billie Eilish confesses that she does not feel free to dress as she wants


Expectations fans have about her may limit her choices.

The world-famous singer has gone through different moments in her career where her image was the target of much criticism and bad comments , although she prefers to focus on her music, it has been inevitable that these comments reach her and affect her perception of herself. same.

This was revealed by the singer during an interview with DAZED magazine , where she confessed that there was a time when she avoided looking at her body and when she did it again she realized that she did not even recognize her anymore , that was not a pleasant feeling for her, but also Fortunately and with a lot of work, she admits that her perception of her image has improved , although she still has a long way to go.

Billie confesses that it is difficult for her to feel comfortable and free to choose her outfits, because, although her choice of clothes to show herself as an artist has a basis , sometimes she simply wants to wear something different, but she is stopped by the fact that her Fans tend to interpret this as a change in essence , when in reality she just wants to wear what makes her feel comfortable that day. Therefore, the expectation that her followers have of her sometimes makes her feel that she is not free to be herself and show herself the way she wants.

During this interview, the singer also said that it bothers her to see that there are people characterizing herself as her for her YouTube videos, mainly because apparently they enjoy going outside and pretending to be a celebrity. For her, this is an unpleasant attitude because she thinks they only want to feel what it is to be famous for a day at the cost of deceiving other people.

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Billie worries that her fans have a bad experience due to these types of activities because, if these people have bad attitudes, some might think that she is behaving in that way, so she would prefer that people stop do what.

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