Billie Eilish compared to Kanye West


Billie Eilish highlighted her own hits while speaking in the third person, giving fans a flashback of Kanye West.

Billie Eilish has been breaking records since she first burst onto the music scene. This incredibly talented teenager is rising to the highest levels of her career at the tender age of just 18. Working with her brother, Finneas, Eilish has made a name for herself in this highly competitive industry.

While most teens are concerned about acne and dating, Billie Eilish has a very different perspective on things. She is scouring the Billboard charts to find her name, and has happily found herself nominated in almost every category, but why was she compared to Kanye West?

Billie Eilish’s strange third person ad

The “My Future” singer shared her greatest hits with her 4.9 million followers on Instagram, but she didn’t do it in the conventional way. Have you ever clicked on your own profile and written about yourself in the third person? Well that’s exactly what Billie Eilish did.

We’re not sure what she was thinking when she did this, or what prompted her to take this approach, but we’ve seen this situation before with Kanye West. During her 2013 interview with the New York Times, West baffled fans when she constantly referred to herself in the third person.

Maybe the singer is a fan of Kanye. Whatever the reason for the strange delivery of this message, it shocked fans, and people are not sure if this is a clue or just a strange behavior pattern. So far, this is Billie Eilish’s first time doing this.
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