Billie Eilish becomes a true Gucci MODEL with this outfit


Billie Eilish has caused a great commotion on social networks with her model look.

Billie Eilish has done amazing things in just a few short years, but perhaps the most impressive thing was making her fashion goals come true and becoming a trend for it.

The “Therefore I Am” singer showed off her unique style on Friday when she participated in a paid partnership with Gucci for a fashion video that included a music video for her new song.

The entire video was part of an art series by the famous brand and it was pretty silly and nonsensical to some expert critics on the internet, but the look and music video for Billie Eilish was amazing!

Eilish quickly earned a reputation for wearing “pirate” designer clothing during some of her biggest shows and television appearances. Remember the interlocking brown hoodie with the “G” logo that he wore on Jimmy Fallon in 2018? It looked legit, but it was a pirate because Gucci doesn’t sell it.

Billie Eilish a Gucci fanatic

Today, Eilish has a legitimate sponsorship from the elite fashion brand and fans are excited about her progress.

“Seeing you wearing GUCCI bootleg, THEN WORKING WITH GUCCI I’M SO PROUD OF YOU”, commented one impressed follower, while another said, “we are really very proud” they wrote in networks.

Let’s remember that Billie Eilish has been revered, and many times imitated, for her original and carefree look; However, a few weeks ago the Bad Guy singer was criticized for wearing tight clothes and showing off her curves.

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