Billie Eilish and Rosalía’s song could appear in Euphoria


The long-awaited collaboration of Billie and Rosalía could be destined to be part of the Euphoria OST, the excitement of the fans increases as more details are revealed.

After several months waiting for the release of a song by these performers, its release seems to be getting closer and closer, since for a few days it has been rumored that the song will finally be released during the next week. Neither Billie Eilish nor Rosalía have confirmed the information through an official announcement, but the suspicions about this melody continue.

Everything seems to indicate that the song will be called Lo Vas a Olvidar and, although it was previously said that it would be a song for Rosalía’s new album , the track could also shine on television.


Recently, the social networks of the fans of Billie and Rosalía have found more rumors, since according to the information, some insiders would have revealed more details about this track.

According to the data, the collaboration would have the same participation of Rosalía as of Billie Eilish and a duration of 3:23, but the most surprising thing is that it is said that Lo Vas a Olvidar will be part of the songs that make up the soundtrack of Euphoria , the American series.

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