Billie Eilish adopts the dog she was fostering for!


Like the rest of the world, Billie Eilish is in containment. And this for several weeks!

And if you are wondering how the singer occupies her time: here is the answer! The latter kept two little puppies.

But now the two pit bulls have found their homes forever! One of them will stay with Billie Elish for good!

Besides, it was on her Instagram account that the singer shared the news. “I failed to be a host family haha. As for this nameless little monkey… you are mine! Writes the young woman.

Indeed, the singer has cracked. She ended up adopting the little puppy.

However, Billie Eilish’s new friend still doesn’t have a name. But he has a big family!

Indeed, the singer already has a cat and a dog. Respectively Misha and Pepper.

But then what happened to the second puppy? Wonder fans of the singer.

Don’t panic, he’s fine! Indeed, he too has found a new home.

“This little one has found a family too. He will have a good happy life, ”says the singer on her Instagram too.

Billie Eilish is a true pet lover. Indeed, she even encourages her fans to adopt them if they can!

He’s not the only star who does that. Selena Gomez has also introduced her new puppy to her fans.

Besides, in these times of confinement, lucky are those who have their little hairballs to keep them company.

In fact, in France, the government authorizes trips to the SPA to adopt a pet. Be careful however, this is not a decision to be taken lightly!


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