Billie Eilish: 8 times the singer wore a tighter outfit


Billie Eilish: 8 times the singer wore a tighter outfit. Billie Eilish is a lover of baggy clothing, however she has experimented with tighter styles at times.

Billie Eilish’s signature baggy clothes often completely hide her petite figure. From oversized tracksuits to gown-style shirts that swallow your body, Eilish’s style essentially conveys the notion that the more hidden, the better.

We all know that Eilish has openly expressed that she prefers to wear baggy clothes. However, the 18-year-old has not always had the same aesthetic, and is now experimenting with different styles. Here are all the times Eilish wore a tighter outfit.

1. Walking in Los Angeles

Billie Eilish has said that she likes to choose whether to dress “like a boy” or an “arrogant girl” and sometimes “feels trapped” by the person she has created and her signature style. However, she also admits that she sometimes wakes up and goes out in a tank top, which she did this October in Los Angeles.

2. “It is not my responsibility”

In her strongest statement yet, Billie released a short film titled “It’s Not My Responsibility,” in which she strips naked and nearly takes off her black tank top. “Our own bodies are the only real things that are truly ours. I can see it and show it when I want to,” she told Dazed.

3. Tank top

The singer has long expressed that she avoids trials and refuses to give people ammunition to talk about her body. So when this photo of Eilish in a tank top went viral, her fans had a strong reaction to the comments and condemned those who spread it.

4. In Hawaii with friends

While on vacation in Hawaii with friends in January 2020, the singer went for a swim and took a fun shower.

5. Chanel fashion show

In 2017, Eilish attended the Chanel show with a different look. The singer wore a cropped padded jacket and folded jeans, showing part of her abs.

6. In Australia

While in Australia, the singer struck a pose in sweatpants and a crop top.

7. Miniskirt

A photo of the trunk of memories. In this photo you can see a young Billie Eilish in a white pleated miniskirt.

8. Retro photo of Billie Eilish

This retro image of a very young Billie in her childhood room full of Justin Bieber posters has become iconic. The two even made the image, in which Eilish is sporting a rainbow sequin dress and tutu, the cover of Bieber’s “Bad Guy” remix.


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