Billie Eilish, 7 fashion rules that have broken with her style


Knows all the fashion and style rules that Billie Eilish refuses to follow, the Bad Guy singer has become one of the most iconic music stars for her way of dressing.

Billie Eilish has managed to place her songs among the best places on the music charts, she is one of the youngest artists to establish her career internationally and constantly shows that her personality is one of the keys to her success.

One of the elements that represent the American is her way of dressing, her style is urban, relaxed and she is not afraid of wearing oversized garments, with prints and combining different patterns.

Hollywood has its own standards for people who want to be stars and more if it is a singer or an actress, since it is believed that they must be tall, thin, with a stylized figure and great charms.

Billie Eilish is proof that being different is fine, it draws the attention of the public, the song of ‘No Time To Die’ has on many occasions broken some strict fashion rules in red carpets, concerts, awards and musical activities.


Very large garments

In the world of fashion, many designers adapt their clothes so that their models look better on the catwalk, Billie Eilish seems to skip this step and prefers to wear loose, comfortable looks that do not give the public the opportunity to comment on her body.


Billie Eilish has been dressed by incredible fashion companies, many criticize her because she wears clothes with too many logos, the star has not stopped wearing clothes full of the symbols of D&G, GUCCI, YSL and Fendi.

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A lot?

For many, Billie Eilish’s style may mix things that have nothing to do with it, such as vibrant colors that attract a lot of attention and that are eccentric, but it is the characteristic stamp that the singer has given to her outfits.

Too many accessories?

Billie Eilish does not mind combining prints, jewelry, accessories, challenging shades and innovative pieces, it is a key to her way of dressing, she has ventured to wear dark glasses in closed places.

On the red carpets

Billie Eilish is one of the singers that cannot be absent from award ceremonies and has dazzled the cameras with her own style, taking her way of dressing to elegance and haute couture. Like when she appeared at the GRAMMYs with a GUCCI house outfit or at the Oscars ceremony, where she wore a white Chanel look.

Cheap and expensive

Billie Eilish has access to the best brands from around the world, prestigious garments from famous and talented designers, she also gives you the opportunity to try new outfits created by emerging designers, combining the expensive with the most accessible.


Billie Eilish is a fun girl who likes to express her personality at first sight and what better way than to experiment with her hair, the singer’s hair has been lilac, green, gray, blue and now she wears neon roots and the rest black, creating a new trend.


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