Billie Eilish, 5 Fashion trends imposed by the singer


Billie Eilish is not only one of the most talented and popular singers of recent times, she has also become a fashion icon for her peculiar way of dressing. Get inspired by the singer’s looks for your next makeover.

At just 18 years old, the ‘No Time To Die’ interpreter has managed to become one of the greatest female exponents of music. 2020 has been a year full of success for Billie Eilish, despite the complicated world situation we are facing today, nothing could prevent the singer from triumphing at the GRAMMYs, performing a successful online concert and preparing her next documentary for Apple TV.

While Billie Eilish’s music continues to have great success in various parts of the world, the singer has also conquered the hearts of millions of people thanks to her peculiar appearance and has shown that composing songs with arriving lyrics is not the only way she expresses her way of seeing life and her tastes.

It is well known that the singer is a fan of wearing loose clothing to avoid body shaming, Billie has worn this type of garment in a unique way that makes her look spectacular wherever she goes.

For a long time we saw the singer with her characteristic grayish hair, however, time has passed and she has ventured to try new things.

Billie Eilish has a very distinctive style and has created new fashion trends with everything she wears, demonstrating the great influence and popularity that she has today.

It is no surprise that many people have characterized themselves as her on the recent Halloween holiday, did you see any Billie Eilish on social networks? If you also want to show off with the singer, we leave you some ideas inspired by the fashion trends that Finneas O’Connell’s sister has adopted as her style.


Neon hair

Throughout her singing career, Billie Eilish has shown her taste for keeping hair long, however, she has ventured to constantly change her look when it comes to wearing bold and unique dyes.

One of her most recent look changes was when the upper part of her hair was dyed neon green, while the rest was kept in black, making a very striking contrast that became a trend.

Billie Eilish joined the trend of using neon dyes in her hair and the truth is that she looks fantastic.

To achieve a hair style similar to the singer’s, you need to bleach the part of your hair where you want to wear the neon dye. Remember to evaluate the resistance of your hair before or go to a professional.

Black outlined

Despite the fact that Billie Eilish has always been characterized by wearing a natural look on her face, the singer caught the attention of her followers on Instagram by sharing her Halloween makeup: a powerful eyeliner in a black tone.

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The interpreter of ‘Everything I Wanted’ published some photos where we can observe her wearing a more loaded makeup on her eyes, defined eyebrows and combining it with a lip gloss in a coral tone.

To recreate Billie Eilish’s dark eyeliner, you can use a deep black eyeliner in the presentation that you feel most comfortable with, be it pencil, gel or liquid.

Starting from the outside of your eye, draw a straight line towards the end of your eyebrow, giving it the height that you like best. The longer it is, the better.

Line your eye near the birth of your lashes and join this line with the end of the line you created earlier, creating a small triangle and trying to make it as even as possible.

Delineate the lower part of your eye, to give it more depth you can choose to delineate the water line as well.

In the tear duct area, create a small peak to join your upper and lower liner, and voila!

Two tall chonguitos

Several of our favorite celebs have brought back those popular hairstyles that we used to wear in our childhood, but giving it a cooler and more modern touch.

Like Ariana Grande and Danna Paola, Billie Eilish is also a big fan of wearing her hair in a pair of high chonguitos.

Whether it is completely collecting all the hair, leaving some strands adorning your face or wearing the ground hair and two small buns, the singer gives you several options to look amazing with this hairstyle. Would you like to try it?

Shoulder bags and fanny packs

They say out there that a good bag is a woman’s best friend and Billie could agree with this. On more than one occasion, we have seen the singer posing for her photos while wearing one of the popular shoulder bags and fanny packs from her favorite brands.

Shoulder bags and fanny packs are good allies for those occasions where you need to store only what you need

rio, and being not so bulky or flashy bags, they have become a very popular accessory in recent times.

They come in all sizes, colors, shapes and even designer brands. Choose your favorite according to your outfit of the day. <3

Bucket hats

If you are a fan of Billie Eilish, you have probably started to take a liking to these types of hats that are becoming more and more popular.

Bucket hats have become a great accessory, apart from covering you from the sun, their bucket appearance, as the name implies, will give a very special touch to your outfit.

Aside from being a huge fan of bucket hats, Billie Eilish also wears all kinds of hats, beanies, caps, hats and more. For the singer, the caps that include the sweatshirts are not decorative and she usually uses them to complete her look.


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