Billboard 3D Pokemon GO Celebrates International Cat Day


In many releases, such as video games, movies, and animated TV shows, Pokemon always seems to have something up its sleeve to surprise fans. One aspect of the franchise that quite often takes players by surprise is Pokemon GO, as the game is always trying to change the way fans play it throughout their daily lives. In Japan, an animated billboard for a mobile game made passengers smile when pocket monsters with cats occupied a rather unique place to advertise International Cat Day.

International Cat Day falls on August 8. It was declared by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002. Although few people may not know about the little holiday, it seems that the Japanese branch of Pokemon GO remembered about it and decided to celebrate it in style.

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In the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, Japan, on August 8, Pokemon GO took a special commercial on a TV screen at the top of a skyscraper. If Shinjuku visitors had raised their heads just in time, they would have seen a small animated commercial with a lot of different cat Pokemon. The cats featured ranged from many different forms of Meow to other fan favorites such as Litten and Skitty.

What makes this ad so unique is that it takes advantage of its height and placement on top of a skyscraper to predict what its viewers will need to look at it to see. With this in mind, he depicts a box on top of a building at a certain angle to create a light three-dimensional effect, making the critters look as if they are in real life threatening to pop out of the TV screen. Other games have also used this area for advertising, such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

This is a pretty bright and funny advertisement, which has a lot of humor and references to fans, such as Alolan Meowt pushing the Cantonese Meowt out of the way, and how the Poke-Stop behind the cat creatures constantly spits out pokeballs. It is reported that the advertisement will be shown from the International Cat Day until September 5.

Although this ad is only visible in a certain part of Japan, Pokemon GO’s international social media pages have also shared a post of the entire ad for fans. However, Pokemon GO players can celebrate this event with all the feline critters in their own games without going abroad, while Japan’s borders are still selective about tourists.

Pokemon GO is already available on Android and iOS devices.


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