Bill wants proof of age for adult sites in Brazil


A bill currently under discussion in the Chamber of Deputies wants to force the Brazilian user to prove that he is of legal age when trying to access a website with pornographic content. The author of PL 3393/20 is deputy Dagoberto Nogueira (PDT-MS). According to him, the idea is to control access to this type of material by children and adolescents, in addition to combating child sexual exploitation.

According to the Agência Câmara de Notícias, the user would have to present to the “internet application provider” a scan of an identification document that has a photo and date of birth. Identity card, work card, passport and other military or public documents would be valid.

In this way, minors or those who do not send the document for verification will be prevented from accessing the pages. The project does not suggest whether a unified system will be implemented or each service or operator will have its own way of collecting and storing data.


Nogueira also mentions that this is a flaw in the Marco Civil da Internet, which “does not establish identification requirements so that people can qualify for access to content providers” and that simply indicating the date of birth in a register is insufficient.

Similar projects are under debate or have already been approved in regions such as France and the United Kingdom. Despite being a growing trend, the topic still generates debates regarding privacy and security of this register, since they involve sensitive data of the population and turn citizens into possible targets for scams and even possible constraints and extortions.

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The legislative suggestion is currently in line with the themes of the sessions, awaiting the dispatch of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ). The PL can be checked in full on the Chamber of Deputies website.


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