Bill & Ted: Face the Music gets praise from American critics


Bill & Ted: Face the Music was made available this week in Video On Demand (VOD) format for the American public. With that, the specialized vehicles published the first impressions about the comedy starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter.

Continued from Bill & Ted: Two Fools in Time (1991), the film debuted with an 80% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, as well as received positive comments from experts at USA Today and the CinemaBlend and ComicBook websites.

For critics, Bill & Ted: Face Music takes time to present the main subject, but the wait is made up for with a story that yields a good laugh and “will warm the hearts of the audience”. They point out that the script by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon manages to register the maturation of the characters after 3 decades, and the theme is well developed when the protagonists interact with their teenage daughters.

However, these opinions are not unanimous. For example, a Detroit News reporter said that Reeves was “dumbed down” by reprising Ted’s role. According to him, the film makes it clear that “certain franchises should be forgotten in the past”.

About Bill & Ted: Face the Music

In Bill & Ted: Face the Music, a person sent from the future brings the message that only one song by the duo will be able to save the world we know, so they embark on a journey through time to fulfill their “rock and roll destiny” .

Older, the protagonists have the help of their daughters in this curious mission. Besides them, historical figures and other famous musicians collaborate with the duo in the search for music that will bring harmony to the Universe.

So far, there is no information about the film’s debut in Brazilian cinemas or when it will be made available for rent on digital platforms.


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