Bill Nighy Told The Touching Reason Why He Took a Toy Rabbit to The Oscar Red Carpet


Bill Nighy told why he was carrying a small toy rabbit on the Oscar red carpet.

The actor drew the attention of photographers to the rabbit when he was at the event on Sunday (March 12). The tiny rabbit toy caused a flurry of questions from both the public and the press at the event.

Nayi, who was nominated in the Best Actor category for his role in “Life,” has now revealed that the tiny rabbit is actually his granddaughter’s favorite toy. Referring to why he was photographed with a stuffed rabbit, Nayi said that responsibility for this was “blamed” by his granddaughter.

“My granddaughter’s schedule has become more complicated, and I have been assigned responsibilities for looking after rabbits,” Nighy said in a statement to .

“I wasn’t ready to leave her unattended in a hotel room. The stakes are too high. Where I go, she goes…”

The “Real Love” star is believed to have been holding a member of the Babblebrook family, which, according to The Guardian, is “a classic design that was included in the original Sylvanian Families launch in the mid-1980s, but is now unavailable.”

Sylvanian Families was created by a Japanese gaming company in the 80s. The toy became very popular in the early 90s.

The Oscar-2023 award ceremony was held at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood and was organized by Jimmy Kimmel. The song “Everything everywhere and at once” became the main winner of the evening, receiving seven awards.

Among the awards of the film were “Best Film”, “Best Actress” (Michelle Yeoh), “Best Director”, “Best Supporting Actor” (Ke Hui Quan), “Best Supporting Actress” (Jamie Lee Curtis). Meanwhile, Brendan Fraser nominated Nighy for Best Actor for his role in the film “The Whale”.


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