Bill Gates: The World Health Organization Needs More Than Ever


US billionaire Bill Gates reacted to President Donald Trump, who cut aid to the World Health Organization. Making a statement from his social media account, Gates told WHO that it is dangerous to cut the flow of resources.

Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates said in an earlier statement that he was expecting the effects of the epidemic to continue until the autumn months of 2021, while answering questions about the coronavirus. Gates also said that it is not possible to develop the coronavirus vaccine more than a year ago. A new statement came about the vaccine from the US billionaire.

Bill Gates, who predicted the coronavirus outbreak in 2015, said that more than 10 million people could die from the outbreaks over the next 10 years, and reacted to the fact that US President Donald Trump cut the financial support provided to the World Health Organization. Gates stressed that the world needs WHO more than ever in the coronavirus outbreak.

World Health Organization response from Bill Gates to Trump:
The US billionaire said in his post on the issue: “It is dangerous, as seen, to cut the flow of resources to the World Health Organization while there is a health crisis in the world. Their task is to slow down the spread of the coronavirus and if you stop their task, there is no other organization to replace it. The world needs WHO like never before. ”

Gates had previously confirmed that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supports 8 potential coronavirus vaccine development efforts. In another statement, the US entrepreneur stated that quarantine should be applied across the country in order to slow down this speed in the USA, which has become the epicenter of the world in the coronavirus epidemic and ultimately to end the epidemic. Speaking to the US press afterwards, Bill Gates noted that progress should be made in vaccination studies in order for life to return to normal in the country.

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Pointing to China, the starting point of the coronavirus, Bill Gates said in a recent statement, “They send people to work, but they wear masks and constantly control their body temperature. They are not doing big sports activities. Thanks to this, they were able to prevent the epidemic from increasing.” the monthly process will be very difficult.


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