Bill Gates: winning pandemic is easier than climate change


Former Microsoft CEO and current philanthropist of various causes, Bill Gates, said that beating the new coronavirus pandemic is “very, very easy” compared to the challenges of combating the effects of climate change. The speech was recorded in an interview with the BBC.

However, the co-founder of the technology giant is not belittling the pandemic – on the contrary, he knows the severity of the disease very well, so much so that he predicted the arrival of something similar years before. In addition, he has said that covid-19 will be a global risk “by 2022”, invested in rapid testing programs to detect the virus and even criticized nationalist governments and big businessmen who post false news.

The situation, in fact, is that climate change is a danger of far greater proportions – and resolving it would be “one of the most incredible things that humanity has ever done”, he said. However, for this, it would be necessary to make an unprecedented transition in habits, equipment and incentive programs.

The executive is launching a book called “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” (“How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”, still unofficially translated in Brazil). In the work, he mentions that governments should lead the campaigns of change towards sustainability, including investments in research and subsidies for companies that are willing to adopt an environmentally friendly path.

However, the path is still arduous: 70% of the world economy still needs to be “decarbonized”, that is, to have carbon emissions eliminated.

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