Bill Gates Was Warned About His ‘Inappropriate’ Emails 10 Years Ago


Bill Gates: It seems that the famous letter from a Microsoft engineer reporting a romantic relationship with Bill Gates, which eventually led to his removal from the company’s board of directors, was not the millionaire’s first “escape”. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal this Monday (18), more than a decade ago, two top executives at the Redmond company had already caught the attention of the “boss”.

One of those managers was the current president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, and the other person, former head of HR Lisa Brummel, who retired from the company in 2014. According to the American newspaper, sources revealed that the two board members Management met with Gates and asked him to end the practice of involving emails to female employees. At the time, Microsoft’s founder recognized the mistake and said he would stop.

The first time the board learned of “inappropriate” messages being sent to an employee was in 2008, Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw told The Journal. The discovery caused concern to board members, as the billionaire, in addition to being an employee and head of the board of directors, was also married to Melinda Gates. According to the newspaper, in the messages, Bill reveals himself as a flirt and made proposals to his subordinates.

What does Bill Gates say about “inappropriate” emails?

Today’s Wall Street Journal report is not the first on the alleged inappropriate behavior of the president of Microsoft with his female employees while occupying the presidency of the company. The New York Times, too, made similar statements after William Henry Gates III and Melinda Ann French Gates announced their divorce in early May.

In response to these reports, a spokesman for Bill Gates told Insider magazine that “These allegations are false rumours, recycled from sources we have no direct knowledge of and, in some cases, have significant conflicts of interest.”


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