Bill Gates speaks about Microsoft’s attempt to buy TikTok


Microsoft founder Bill Gates compared the “poison goblet” to the company’s attempt to buy TikTok. In an extensive interview with Wired, Gates noted that it would not be easy or straightforward for Microsoft to buy certain parts of TikTok. “Who knows what will happen with this deal.” says Gates. “But yes, it’s a poison goblet.” He also said that being a big player in the social media business is “not a simple game”, noting that Microsoft has to deal with some kind of new level of content moderation.

Regarding whether Microsoft is cautious about entering the social media space, Gates said it would probably be a good thing if Facebook tackled a little more competitors. However, he added that it was very strange that Trump tried to kill a single opponent.

Gates, like everyone else, has various question marks in his mind about how this possible TikTok purchase will work. In particular, it is one of the unknown how the statements of President Trump that the US Treasury should receive a commission for any purchase will reflect in real life. “I agree that this principle on the process that is underway is odd alone,” Gates said. says.

Gates’ comments came days after Microsoft officially announced its interest in purchasing TikTok’s operations in the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The news also points out that Microsoft is interested in taking all of TikTok’s global operations. The Financial Times says talks on this special deal are still in the infancy.

US President Trump said last week that banning TikTok in the US was a matter of time, then gave Microsoft until September 15 to complete the purchase by that date and block the ban of TikTok.

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This complicated acquisition could give Microsoft a big foothold in the social media arena. However, the company may also find itself in the middle of a larger trade war between the US and China. Gates is clearly being cautious about this acquisition. We have a little over a month to see if Microsoft will own TikTok.


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