Bill Gates says he prefers Android to iOS


Microsoft co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates said in a Clubhouse app room that he prefers the Android system over iOS. The revelation came while Gates was giving an interview about his new book “How to avoid a climate disaster: the solutions we have and the necessary innovations” to journalist Andrew Sorkin of The New York Times.

Considering that the Clubhouse is currently only available for iOS, Gates was asked whether he uses iPhone and which operating system he prefers. The billionaire said he uses Android, but “since he wants to keep track of everything,” he often “plays” with iPhones. The journalist questioned why. “Some of the Android manufacturers pre-install Microsoft software in a way that makes everything easier for me. They are more flexible about how the software connects to the operating system. So I got used to it, “replied Gates.

Shortly after, the executive also admitted that he had a difficult relationship with Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, but said that his personality was “unique”. In addition, Gates also commented on the rise of Bitcoin, warned about its environmental impact and explained the reasons that led him not to invest in cryptocurrency.

Watch the full interview on YouTube:


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