Bill Gates Says He Can’t Stop Playing Wordle


Wordle took the beginning of 2022 by storm as puzzle and puzzle enthusiasts flooded the site daily. Wordle still remains popular, and now Bill Gates has admitted that he is crazy about the game.

As a co-founder of Microsoft, one of the largest computer companies in the world, it won’t come as a surprise to some that Gates is a fan of puzzles. Although he does not claim to be the best Wordle player, he has been very dedicated to the game since he started working with it.

Bill Gates shared a post on his website discussing Wordle, some of its clones and how he plays it. According to Gates, starting sometime in February or March, he made Wordle a regular part of his morning routine. However, like many Wordle fans, he is limited by the fact that only one word per day can be guessed in Wordle, so he also turns to clones like Quordle and Octordle to provide additional puzzles throughout the day.

However, Gates is keen on Wordle not only because it is a good way to get the brain working during the day. Gates also claims to be a fan of the social aspect of it, as he can discuss the word Wordle with other fans every day. Wordle allows users to share their results without giving out the word of the day, which has helped to further increase its popularity. Fans can see how long it took their friends to figure out a word, and try to score or surpass this result by guessing it faster.

Like most people, Gates has developed some strategy for playing Wordle. He likes to start with words containing many vowels, such as “Adieu” or “Ounce”, to see which ones are in the word. He also likes to think about which consonants usually go together, for example, “c” and “h” when he decides, which helps to logically narrow the circle. However, he admits that there were times when he got stuck, when he got into a situation where he solved all the letters except one with several potentials remaining from that single letter.

In addition to Wordle and some of its similar by-products, Gates is a fan of Nerdle, a Wordle-like game that focuses on math rather than language. According to Gates, it’s a little better in Nerdle than in Wordle. The Wordle formula has been applied in a wide variety of topics and topics, which means that people like Gates have a lot to choose from. While Wordle may not be as huge an obsession as it was at launch, it’s easy to check on a daily basis, which will probably lead to its popularity persisting for some time.

Wordle is accessible via devices with Internet access.


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