Bill Gates donates $ 150 million for Covid-19 vaccines


Through his foundation, Bill Gates gives 150 million dollars for the development of Covid-19 vaccines for 3 countries

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has committed $ 150 million to manufacture 100 million doses of potential COVID-19 vaccines specifically for low- and middle-income countries.

Bill Gates’ millions ensure that the Serum Institute of India can produce sufficient volume once there is a vaccine that gains regulatory approval and ultimately keeps the cost of each dose below $ 3 USD.

The ultimate goal is to deliver doses to 92 vulnerable countries around the world, so that once there is an effective vaccine on the market, they are not left behind; In addition, Gavi, a Gates-backed non-profit organization, will also contribute funds.

Gates wants vaccines to reach everyone

As stated by the foundation, researchers are making progress in developing safe and effective vaccines to control COVID-19, but the intention is to ensure that everyone has access to them as soon as possible, which will require a huge manufacturing capacity and a global distribution network.

Bill Gates says that this collaboration gives the world something of both, both the power of India’s manufacturing sector, and Gavi’s supply chain, although that would only be in the beginning, as organizations like Gavi and CEPI need much more support. to facilitate the development and delivery of hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of doses by the next year.

The Gates Foundation, Gavi and SII are already working together to deliver 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines globally by the end of 2021, and today’s news adds to those efforts.

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It is important to remember that India’s IBS is the world’s largest vaccine producer by volume and is the benchmark vaccine provider for the World Health Organization.


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