Bill Gates denied acting against Tesla.


Bill Gates, in an interview with Bloomberg published by the Bitcoin channel this Tuesday (23), when asked if he had acted to devalue Tesla in the stock market, gave a somewhat evasive response – leading several vehicles to assume that he In fact, it would have done so, as Elon Musk recently claimed, something that has not yet been proven.

“Well, you know, I think Tesla is an incredible company. I wish I could have been more by your side or bought it, but that’s okay. I helped a lot of family members buy electric cars from the company, so nothing but thoughts positive about Tesla and its role [in the industry], “said Gates.

“Nothing but positive thoughts, but he is not denying that he acted against her. In addition, by saying he was ‘no longer with her’, he could be admitting that he practiced shorting (short selling)”, believes Fred Lambert, from Electrek. “I am surprised and disappointed with Gates,” he adds.

Short selling or shorting is a practice that consists of selling a financial asset that you do not yet own, hoping that its price will drop and then buy it and profit from the transaction with the difference at the time of delivery.

Simon Alvarez of Teslarati, for his part, follows the same line of reasoning: “For many in the electric vehicle community, these observations were practically a confirmation that Musk’s sources were right and that Gates really shorted Tesla at any moment.”

He says he tells me

In 2020, according to Electrek, those who bet against Tesla on the stock exchange suffered losses that exceeded US $ 38 billion, and Elon Musk has already been more than unhappy with the shorting, which he considers a scam. “You can’t sell houses or cars you don’t own, but stocks do?”, He posted on his Twitter profile in January of this year.

As for the rumors, well, check out what the SpaceX founder also said in an interview with Joe Rogan Experience. “I heard that at one point [Gates] had a great position in shorting. I don’t know if that is true or not, but it seems strange to me. I asked people I know who know the situation very well if they were sure of what they were saying, and they said yes – which doesn’t seem to have worked. “


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