Bill Gates’ daughter had an imam marriage!


Bill Gatesdaughter, Jennifer Gates, had an Islamic imam marriage with her Egyptian fiancee, whom she had been with for a while.


Bill Gates is still one of the richest people in the world, even though his fortune is halved after his divorce earlier this year. The relatives of this successful and billionaire name probably share the same joy with him. Bill Gates‘ eldest daughter, Jennifer Gates, married her Egyptian fiancee through an imam marriage.

The marriage, which took place in a very secret ceremony, was carried out in accordance with Islamic methods at the request of her Egyptian husband. The marriage of the couple, which was followed closely by the whole world, resonated not only in the magazine, but also in the technology agenda.

Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer Gates marries Egyptian fiancee

After the wedding ceremony of Jennifer Gates and the Muslim groom Nayel Nassar, the wedding was next. We don’t know what kind of wedding Jennifer planned as the daughter of a billionaire, but they had their nuptials and secretly done. Jennifer’s mother, Melinda Gates, and her father, Bill Gates, attended the ceremony, which took place at the Gates family home in New York’s North Salem area. Although their wedding was not as secretive as their wedding, only 300 people were invited and it was held in a secluded place.

One of the most striking details about this wedding was the meeting of Melinda Gates, the wife of Bill Gates, whom he divorced in the past months. It seems that although the couple is separated, they are reunited for their daughter’s wedding. The fact that Bill Gates paid most of his wealth to his ex-wife as alimony was remembered as the financial side of this separation.


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